Today’s a Birthday

Today is Justin’s birthday! Here are some fun facts about Justin:

1. Justin’s twitter username, @aujustin, contains an obscure reference to Australia. Dude just loves Australia!

2. At birth, a Justin has over 350 bones, but by adulthood, all these bones are shed through a process called “bone-molting” (or “bolting”).

3. You can fit over 2 thousand Justins inside a Blue Whale’s heart.

Now here’s a fun game: of all the above facts, only zero of them are true. Can you guess which ones????

Happy Birthday Jason!!!!



16 Responses to “Today’s a Birthday”

  1. Torvin says:

    Happy birthday, Justin!

  2. mikkl says:

    You guys are the best. Also, Happy Birthday Justin!

  3. Happy Birthday Justin :D

  4. Andreas M. says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Boyd!

    Hope your doing party like this:

  5. meklu says:

    Happ Birthday, Jason!

  6. happy birth day Justin .. Have a great life with much excitements..

  7. Vivian Lim says:

    Happy Birthday, Justin!!! :))

  8. Happy Late Birthday, Justin! Also, I happen to know that his twitter name is a random reference to aujus.

  9. have a hugh lifeline

  10. What gifts you got bro....

  11. so what are the new things that you will do from today…

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  13. simon says:

    so if EVERYONE was laid end to end, who did the surgery's?

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