Ramen Comics! five comics about ramen #1 man: i'll trade you 20 packs of chicken ramen for that rookie card man 2: i dunno man: it's the good stuff. maruchan brand. top quality stuff. man 2: deal #2 man: oh jeez, i'm starving, but i don't feel like cooking man: sounds like my friend ramen is here to help! man: haha, take THAT hunger! *two hours later* man: i'm starving. and thirsty. awesome #3 man: let me cook for you! woman: how sweet of you! *soon* woman: ramen isn't cooking #4 man: hey siri, i'm hungry. what should i eat? siri: you are currently of college age on a college campus and at your home location. i suggest ramen. man: thanks siri! #5 man: ooo, ramen! 10 packs for a dollar man: wait. restrain yourself. you aren't in college anymore. you have a job and can afford and cook real food. man: no one is looking. just do it. get the ramen. man: at some point in time, you'll be hunbry and too tired to make real food. it's just a backup food. *every day that week* *man is eating ramen*
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