More Game of Thrones Comics Game of Thrones 1. Season 1: Robert Baratheon : Wow the trip from Winterfell to King's Landing takes so long. Ned Stark : I know, it takes a whole episode. Season 7: Tyrion Lannister : Hey I'm gonna pop over to King's Landing, need anything? Jon Snow : Sorry what? I was north of the wall during the beginning of your sentence. 2. Bran Stark being a warg and controlling a raven Night king : nuh uh uh!! I see you! (at snake) at zoo : NOPE! 3. Jon Snow : Dany! I need your help! Daenerys Targaryen : okay but you gotta kneel first None of that even matterssss! So just kneel then There's no tiiiiime Just do it no tiiiiiime Okay fine Dickon and Randyll Tarly on fire from the dragon : Wait
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