Robber Story Robber: Oh man I am gonna rob this house SO HARD! Robber: TV! Homeowner: Wasn't I watching something? Robber: Chair! Homeowner: Wasn't I sitting on something? Robber: Jewelry! Homeowner's wife: I feel less pretty. Santa: Hey robber I'm Santa! I hurt my toe! Robber: Oh god! Santa: I need you to do Christmas! Robber: Okay! Robber: I am gonna anti-rob this house LIKE CRAZY! Robber: Howdy! Neighbors: Hi Stripey Santa! Robber: Happy Wednesday! Neighbors: Wow! Thanks! Homeowner: Hey guys. My wife stopped bein pretty. Can I hang out over here? Homeowner: Hey that's my TV!! Neighbors: AAAWKWARD!

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