The Debate *Two men are at podiums at a debate* 1: The fact is, the economy is in a sorry state, and my opponent has not done enough to ameliorate it! 2: I think my constituents will agree that our policies are more than adequate in most situations. 1: See? "Most situations" The reliance upon such qualifiers is an admission that the senator's solution is incomplete! 2: Excuse me?! Cauliflowers?! Now, I've endured a lot of mud-slinging, but no one's ever accused me of relying upon cauliflowers!! 1: I didn't say "cauliflowers", idiot. I said "qualifiers"! 2: OH!! WELL, I THOUGHT YOU SAID "CAULIFLOWERS", OKAY?!!?!!? *Man 2 stands embarassed while man one looks at him disapprovingly*

Part of the The Debate series.

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