Highlanders Hey Drew, is it webcomic creators or highlanders where if you kill them you take their powers? What?! Sanjay, put that sword down. There can be only one. Lame. And now on to Justin. I do not wish to kill you, Sanjay, but I must stop you from killing more people. I believe I have a solution. Hiya! My hand! I have cut off your right hand. You are right-handed. You cannot continue. The power to not be awkward and fumbling with one's non-dominant hand belonged to one person, Drew Mokris. And thanks to you, no one alive has that power. (Sanjay kills Justin) !true We're afraid that Sanjay's guest toon is LHT canon, and there will be no more comics because of how we're both dead.

Part of the Guest Toons series.

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