10 More Bad Comics (21-30) 21 These are my grandparents... Grandpa Calvin and Gramma Hobbes. No relation. To the comic strip? No, to each other. Cuz that would be incest, dude. 22 Look these babies have scabs on them. SCABIES!! 23 Can penguins fly? Science says, "No." Science is the name of my bulldog. Hey I'm out of food. Penguins can't fly. 24 Excuse me... Is this your Eave? Yes! I'm sorry! I must've dropped him! Y'know... It's rude to drop your eave like that. I heard everything! 25 Hey are those babies? Hmm... They might be babies. MAYBIES!! 26 Beard fight! Beard fight! Ah!! I got beard in my eye!! 27 Beard fight! Beard fight! Wait. Ladies don't have beards. I have a little bit of a moustache. 28 Mmm.. The turkey's great. I LOVE the gravy! Thanks! It's made from babies! GRABIES!! 29 Look! I got a Motorola Droid!! That's a banana. That's the same banana, but you peeled it. That's my foot. 30 Aww... What's your baby's name? His name is Sanjay. What's yours? My baby's also named Sanjay. SANJAYBIES!!

Part of the Drew's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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