10 Further Bad Comics 61 "Grandma's new glasses" I got new hornrims! Grandma!! Those horns are too big! My pet bull is in love with you! Grandma!!! 62 Change, sir? No, you hobo!! Whoa what kinda snake is that? A hoboa constrictor. 63 "Good band name" BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Thank you, we're "bass drum" 64 Change, ma'am? Ooh you're cute. Wanna date? Sorry I only date other hobos. I'm a hobo sexual. 65 Why did the golden gate bridge get sent home from school early? It was suspended!!!! 66 "Hobo-sexuals" Hey wanna go on a date? Oh I'm not a hobo, I'm a bum. Hobogus. Bummer. 67 "How'd your date go with that ho, ya hobo?" I got hoboned. Hobonus! 68 "Amy Poehler Bear" This species is the newest confirmed endangered by climate change. Watch my show "Parks And Rec" on NBC. I used to host "Weekend Update". 69 "LHC" The mission of the collider is to find an elusive homeless particle. The higgs hoboson. 70 Hobo Pogo Oboe Logo. Fo' sho'? No go. oh no
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Part of the Drew's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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