Redo friend: what are you doing? john: you didn't like it when i played music your kittens, so i'm building a xylophone! friend: JOHN! you don't know how to build those. john: done! friend: JOHN! that is a whimsical flying machine, not a xylophone. john: it is? friend: yes, john! there is nothing xylophonic about this friend: xylophones don't have steering wheels friend: xylophones don't have hardwood floors friend: xylophones can't fit both of us in them john: oh, okay! i'll try again. *LATER* *john is holding a xylophone mallet. he's in front of a kitten* *thonk* *john thonks the kitten with the mallet* *john smiles really big* *friend looks very angry* Guest toon from Alex of Buttersafe!
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