Greatest Weakness interviewer: what would you say is your greatest weakness? man: i'm terrible at leaving voicemail messages interviewer: yeah. i was going to ask you about that interviewer: let me just play the voicemails you left for me in response to my call for scheduling this interview *beep* hey. just calling to let you know that i checked my schedule and i think ... wait, what's ... oh yeah, friday at *crash* ah man, all over my homework... friday at one. one in the afternoon is fi--good i'll uh, see you then. bye. *beep* hey. i just called and forgot to say who it was... this is kevin. i'll... see you on friday at one then. bye. ... why isn't my screen turning on? stupid touchscreen phones. how am i supposed to hang up if i can't.... crap *beep* hey mom. i think you just called. i was on the phone wait... ah COME ON! man: is there any way i'm gonna get this job? interviewer: it's a telemarketer position, so no
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