BFFs Until The End friend 2: if this doesn't work, at least we'll go out together friend 3: yeah! i think we've done a great job, but there is always gonna be risk friend 1: hold on. i told my wife i would be home for dinner friend 1: are we doing something dangerous tonight? friend 2 (angry): dude, seriously? have you not been paying attention the past seven years? friend 2: we're standing on a homemade rocketship! friend 2: you've been here helping us build it the entire time! even if this did succeed, we will never step foot on earth again friend 1: oh friend 1: she was making lasagna too... *soon* *rocketship is flying into sky* *zooms into the window a little bit, we see friend 1 in it* *zooms in closer to friend 1's face* friend 1: lasagna...
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