Dad and Mom Comics I'm back in Michigan for Christmas, so here's some DAD and MOMICS picked up from the airport... Dad: ha... I still have to finish xmas shopping. me: ha, really?? "on an unrelated note, Drew, anything you want for xmas?" haha yeah actually yeah, is there? Mom: Drew, look what I bought on ebay (tray with two schnauzers) It was gonna be the soap dish at the new house. Aw it's cute. Didn't you have a schnauzer at some point. Wait, the red wings game is back on. Dad: Oh, it's the guy I'm selling my piano to. yeah... haha... well... I'm sure if you're not happy with it you could turn around and sell it for even more! Why did I say that? I wish I hadn't say that. (me eating pretzels and getting my slouch on) Mom: Here, I've been giving these to people cuz I think it's inspirational. Half empty half full glasses. Want one? Haha sure. I photocopied it from a magazine ad.
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