5 Bad Skamics 5 bad ska comics 81 Did you remember to clean out the lint filter? Yesss mom. Did you clean out the ska filter? oh, whoops. I forgot. Agh!! Ska everywhere! 82 Daddy, there's ska under my bed! Haha no there isn't! Oh wait, yes there is. Skary. 83 Ugh. I have so much dandruff. Go on brush yer shoulder off! Wait, that's not dandruff, it's skandruff! From your skalp! 84 At church: Aren't you going up for communion? Oh I'm not catholic, I'm skatholic. The skammunion is this way. Euskarist (eucharist) 85 Wisconsin? More like, WiSKAnsin! Hey, what about me? Oh yeah, I guess AlaSKA does work better. Well what about me then? NebraSKA? Who? pick it up! pick it up! pick it up! pick it up!
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Part of the Drew's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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