Incorrect Etymology 1 Today's Phrase: "It's all about the Benajmins" *man whistling not noticing the pies on the floor* the "benjamin" in question is old hollywood legend benjamin k bailey, who got his start in silent comedies in the 1930s *woman pointing to benjamin bailey, who is holding a pie* in the 1950s, bailey moved to television with the popular sitcom, "ben thinkin of you." the show's signature catchphrase was "o that benjamin bailey! truly about him it is always!" the saying was resurrected in 1999 by rapper/acne-medicine-advocate, sean combs, who released his musicl tribute to bailey that year. the song, titled "it's all about the benjamin bailey", was universally misheard as "it's about the benjamins (baby)". sean comb's rapper-name was "poofy dad", or something like that.

Part of the Incorrect Etymology series.

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