Food on your face man 1: you have a little bit of food on your face man 2: oh man 2 (wipes face and doesn't get it): there. did i get it? man 1: no. it's here. right here. man 2 (wipes at same part of face): now? man 1: are you doing a mirror image or actual? do actual! this side! man 2 (wiping at same side of face): so... now? man 1: left. left side! left! here! man 2 has his arms up and looks confused man 2 wipes the right side of his face man 1 looks angry man 1 walks over to man 2 man 1 slaps man 2 in the face where the food was man 1: there! man 2: oh, there? jeez, why didn't you just say so? man 1 looks furious my new webcomic, Invisible Bread, is two months old now! please check it out if you haven't already! =)
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