TAXI! man: taxi! taxi driver: hello man: take me to the funnest place you know of! taxi driver: hop in *soon* man: this... seems to be your place taxi driver (stroking his hands): you didn't clarify who it would be fun for man: please, take me home *jenga is shown* taxi driver: what?! you don't like jenga? i already have it all set up for us! man: oh! yeah! i love jenga! phew! i thought something bad was going to happen to me! taxi driver: i never said anything about what happens after our game of jenga taxi driver: more jenga, of course! taxi driver: let's get to it! man: your angry eyebrows are making everything you say terrifying. please stop it. angry eyebrows taxi driver is actually the nicest guy, but he was born with a face that says otherwise
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