Closing the deal? interviewer: you don't have much relevant work experience on your resumé, john interviewer: ha! there's a cow on a diving board on the back! hilarious! interviewer: i feel pretty good about you interviewer: i'd like to offer you the position of software engineer! you can start monday! john: thank you! i'll take the job! interviewer: let me introduce you to the team employer: hey team! this is john. he will be starting here next week employee 1: didn't you pull down my pants once? employee 2: yeah... i think i've had a similar experience with you involving my pants john: heh, yeah... well, i have a beard now! *employee 1 and 2 are lifting john above their heads* employee 1: welcome to the team! employee 2: yay! john! *john is starting to tear up up as his name is being chanted* employee 2: john! john! john! john! john! john! john! you did it!
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