The Date man: great. my date isn't here yet and i already have sweat marks under my arms. man: note to self: don't raise your arms no matter what man: hi sharron! sharron: hi! sharron: great to see you! let's play some basketball! or throw this baseball around! man: heh, that's ok sharron: aw, ok. let's just go overt here and high five for a while man (thinking to self): is that some kind of innuendo? man: that's ok sharron: alright, let's just high five here then, yeah? man (thinking): nope, she really meant high fives sharron: don't leave me hanging! *both stand awkwardly* *man jumps to high five sharron without raising his arm* man: yeah! *both stand awkwardly* sharron: that was... man: i have terrible armpit sweat marks! i can't raise my arms! sharron: aww, that's ok! let's head to dinner then! sharron: operation: "does he already have sweat marks" is a success. he must like me
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