A Box voice: you ok with that box? man: yup! man (to self): nope man: why would i try to impress a girl with my strength when i'm not even that strong? voice: you're breathing funny. you ok? man: yup, all good! man (to self): not man: sweet. almost to her front door woman: i got the door for you up here! man: oh. god. stairs... man: here we go. 10 steps to impress a girl. you can do this man (going up stairs): whoa! whoa! whooooa! *5 steps later* man (fallen down stairs): ouch. saved your box though woman: ah! woman: oh jeez! aaron! AARON! help my friend! woman: don't move! my boyfriend aaron is a paramedic. he'll help you! man (shaking while holding box above him): awesome
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