Finals Comics #1 *during break* student: oh man, finals were rough. i'm not gonna check my grades until i get back to school. student: one sec *phone bings in pocket* *student looks at phone* *student still looking at phone and is sad* *student still looking at phone. is angry now* student: what kind of sick college texts you your grades over break?! friend: uh, yours? *student looks at friend* student (with face mashed against friends face): that was rhetorical #2 man: i'm done with finals! man: oh no. man (pulling on face): i didn't do my gift shopping yet!!! #3 student (at computer): study for finals. or. student: mindlessly browse the internet for way too long? hmm *student is at computer for 4 frames* student: heh, cats #4 test-taking student: oh no! it's happening! student: it's that type of question i couldn't ever get right on the practice exams! student: so is that one. and that one... student: assuming i get half credit on these three questions and get the other ones right and miss... two other questions. that's about a 60% student: this test better have a wicked curve *after the test* student (talking to others): oh man, two three and seven were crazy! student 2: i thought the test was pretty easy actually student 3: yeah. not gonna be much of a curve on that test *student looks sad*
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