Coworkers guy: all my coworkers are much older than me... guy (putting on tie): alright, ready for day three at my first job out of college guy: let's see how i look today. according to my mirror, i look like a fun, young person wearing a tie guy: whatever! no problem! i'll just talk to them more today. get to know them *at the office* coworker: my kids are such a pain right now coworker: one is obsessed with justin beiber and twilight. the other, my son, he just plays call of duty all the time guy: call of duty is a fun game! i play a lot too actually. do... you play? *coworker gives blank stare* coworker: you sound a lot like my son. my 13 year old son guy: i'm... 22... *awkward stand behind desk* guy: take this stupid tie. i quit guy: and give me your son's gamertag. he sounds much cooler than you.
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