Jim Jimmers the Jimth yellow: and jim, this my other best friend, jim! yellow: haha, if one of you guys disappeared, it'd be ok since i'd still have a best friend named jim yellow: anyway, bye *the two jims stare at each other* jim 1: it's without debate that i'm the bestest jim-friend jim 2: you don't know him like i do! jim 1: his frist girlfriend's name jim 2: francine jim 1: city he was born in jim 2: trick question, he was born on a plan jim 1: favorite street corner in New York City jim 2: 53rd and 6th jim 1: i don't like you jim 2: i have similar but greater negative feelings toward you *other room* yellow: my money's on jim one other person: which one is jim one? yellow: i have no idea yellow: just enjoy the show
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