A Tirade on Temporal Nomenclature, Delivered by Pablo, a Welsh Corgi I take issue with the manner you people pronounce aloud the years of our current decade! *points to 2004* This is read "two thousand four". *Pointing to 1994* In contrast, this is "nineteen ninety four", read as two two-digit numbers, with the word "thousand" nowhere in sight! Why break the pattern?? Is it the double zero that confuses you? May I call it "twenty-ten" when the time comes?! "But Pablo, " you say, "this type of asymmetry is abundant in language, most of all in english! Why expend energy on this?" Because! My captivated plebeians, we must tackle these anomalies at the source if we are to make any societal progress! Man: I know a certain Mr. Angrypants who needs a back scratch! Dog: Indeed.

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