Mr. Aglick's New Trick mr aglick: magic is all about misdirection. for example, note that there is nothing in my hand. other bunny: why are you trying to steal my wallet? mr aglick: wooooo mr aglick: that's um... just to distract you from what my right hand is doing other bunny: your right hand is just waving around while you say woooo mr aglick: which is, in turn, to distract you from what my left hand is about to do *mr aglick punches the other bunny in the face and the other bunny blacks out* other bunny: what happened? how long was i out? mr aglick: your identity and assets have all disappeared! mr aglick: was this your social security card? mr aglick: woooooo Who is this Ryan guy?! How'd he get in here?

Part of the Guest Toons series.

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