Hey, It's Bad Comics 11-15! *next on stage* *Jake and The Fat Man!* man in crowd: you must be "The Fat Man" crowd: ha ha fat man on stage: i'm jake, actually, and i'm very sensitive about my weight man 1: my hands are really dry man 2: let me help *man 2 spits into man 1's hands* *man looks really sad* man 2: you must be really sad. your frown extends beyond the end of your face man: i hate you! opossum: man, opossums never get any love *opossum falls over dead* man: i killed it! with my harsh words! opossum (to self): heh, sucker *man is standing next to a tree* man: talking contest, go! man: hi tree! tree: *ahem* *lightning strikes tree* *tree is broken in half and on the ground* man: forfeit! i win!

Part of the Justin's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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