"Pot Calling the Kettle Black" "Pot calling the kettle black" Similar idioms in other languages, according to Wikipedia: "The camel cannot see the crookedness of its own neck." (Arabic) "One donkey chides the other for being a long-ear." (German) "The donkey called the rooster a fathead." (Greek) "Dog ridicules the cat for being hairy." (Vietnamese) "The garlic laughs at the onion for its smell." (Hebrew) "The dung-stained dog reproaches the chaff-stained dog." (Korean) "The owl tells the sparrow that it has a big head." (Hungarian) "An armadillo tellig a turtle it is too hard-shelled." (Spanish - Venezuela) "The shard laughs at the broken pot." (Romanian) "To see a little straw in other's eye, and not notice a log in one's own." (Russian) "For the sleep in one's eyes to laugh at the snot in one's nose." (Japanese) "A man without pants laughed at a man with holey pants." (Uzbek) citation needed

Part of the Foreign Idioms series.

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