Bad Comics 16-20 man with gun: die! *fires gun* other man: ha! bullet-proof vest! gun man: aw shoot insult man: you're ugly! other man: ha! other man: insult-proof vest! *both stand* other man: it didn't work girlfriend: i'm breaking up with you boyfriend: ha! heartbreak-proof vest! *girlfriend walks away* boyfriend: but boyfriend: it stops feelings from getting in too... *boyfriend stands there sad* father: you didn't get a single A!? father: that's it! 10 minute with the ceiling fan! *son is standing on a pile of things and the ceiling fan is hitting him in the head* son: ow ow ow ow questioning man: is that a vest? other man: ha! other man: vest-proof vest! questioning man: but... other man: oh no! it's a paradox! this reality doesn't exist! *implode*

Part of the Justin's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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