10 Bad Cyclops Comics 41 For a cyclops, hindsight is 20. That's not how measurements of visual acuity work. 42 What do you call a deaf cyclops? Jeff. That's his name. 43 What do cyclops horses say as they walk? clop clop clop clop clop clop clop 44 What was the cyclops for halloween? A pirate!!! The year before that he was Leela. 45 A elephant skull walks into a bar... Hey buddy, we don't serve your kind here. Oh I thought you were a cyclops!!! 46 Why was the cyclops a bad driver? Because she was a woman!! I think I heard somewhere that women are bad drivers? 47 What do you call a cyclops in a leotard? Onesie. 48 What's a cyclops' favorite board game? Cycloperation!! (Take the single eye!) 49 Why did the cyclops cross the road? GET OUT OF THE ROAD, YOU CYCLOPS!! 50 knock knock! Who's there? Cyclops. Cyclops who? HOW MANY CYCLOPSES DO YOU KNOW????

Part of the Drew's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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