Hourly Comic 2010 *12:17 AM* this "worst cooks in america" show is actually pretty entertaining it's nice to know that i can cook better than people that probably shouldn't be anywhere near an open flame doesn't make my knee feel any better though. probably ran too much tonight *1:04 AM* i have absolutely no idea where the netflix dvd is... i really dont want to pay that lost dvd fee *2:25 AM* whoa, totally forgot i had these old pictures of me on this computer. hmm. these pictures are at least six years old and i still pretty much look exactly the same *3:01 AM* sleep time *10:47 AM* time to start working. urg, im sore from working out *11:31 AM* hmmm, CPU is maxed out on the search server. looks like i gotta move search to a new server *12:52 PM* i have a lot to do. i don't think i'll be taking a shower anytime soon *1:33 PM* i should eat something. eventually... *2:37 PM* i guess i'll shower and eat in about two hours *3:49 PM* sweet, i'm taking a shower earlier than i thought did i shave yesterday? nope *4:57 PM* just finished eating "lunch" packs of ramen are so much better than cups of ramen *5:51 PM* i still have a lot of work to do. time to put on my headphones *6:43 PM* CPU is a lot better on this new server. sweet. *7:32 PM* alright. i think i'm done working for now i'll see you in a little bit, desk and computer *8:44 PM* hello steak. i'm gonna cook and eat you *9:54 PM* me: 1 dishes: 0 *10:51 PM* food consumed. dinner successful *11:46 PM* back to work to finish up some stuff i swear all i did today was work and eat This is what I did on February 1st, 2010, which was Hourly Comic Day!

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