Curling CURLING intensity points awarded for amplitude of yelling *skip has thrown the stone and is yelling at the sweepers* skip: SWEEP!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEP! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD! bonus points for every mesmerized viewer *3 people are watching curling* all three: curling! *point amounts are shown beneath them* man off to the side: what's going on? *-10 points* (points deducted for disinterested viewers) has anyone ever been caught cheating? one time, someone taped a hair dryer to the bottom of the broom thing *picture of sweeper with hair dryer at the end* it didn't work very well another time, someone replaced their arms with robot arms *man show with robot arms* and it rocked What if a heavy thing hits the other heavy things? points? transfer of momentum What happens if the heavy thing makes it to the circle thing and stays there? ???? points?

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