10 More Bad Comics 51 "Bad Band Name" Meow! meow! meow! Thank you, we're the catnipples. 52 "Gettin' a lookout" Meerkat on a giraffe. Did you fart? PROBABLY! 53 Get outta my sink, ya meerkat!!! Get off my roof, ya meerkat!! Get outta my guitar, ya meerkat!!! 54 Okay, open up wide. Your teeth are jellybeans??? Yeah and my tongue is licorice! 55 "Cat Pick-up lines" Hey baby are you made of toilet water? Cuz I could drink you right up. 56 Quit doin' my taxes, ya meerkat! Meerkats can't ski, ya meerkat!!! Meerkat: hey. Get outta my facebook, ya meerkat!!!! 57 "More cat pick-up lines" Hey are you made of yarn? Cuz I'd love to roll you up into a ball. And bat you around???????????????????? 58 Get outta my silverware, ya meerkat!! I'm not a meerkat, I'm a meek rat. Oh. 59 "More of 'em" Hey babe, I'm no mere cat. But I am. Gnome sane? 60 Does anyone object to lengthening unemployment benefits for another month? I object. Stop that, ya meerkat!!!!!!!!

Part of the Drew's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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