Hourly Comics 2011 hourly comics 2011 9:30 am *i'm in bed* *alarm sounds* maybe i'll just sleep in a little nope, can't do that. gotta post my comic 10:25 am work time. monster energy is so good. NOW i'm ready to work! *energy drink induced stare* 11:41 am great. now i smell like monster energy. can't believe i spilled it on myself i guess i should mention that it happened 12:48 pm why did that function stop working? i didn't even touch it. [as a warning, the next several hours is gonna be me working] 1:12 pm i need to get some food up in this well, VPN just went down. time to eat 2:12 pm ooo, i wonder how those ice cubes turned out! *i check the freezer* i'm the best at making ice cubes 3:43 pm *i'm sitting at a computer* beep boop boop *computer monitor says "CODEZ"* 4:31 pm laundry time whoops, should have put the detergent in first 5:04 pm just enough quarters for the dryer plus one backup quarter just in case something crazy happens 6:47 pm *i'm looking out the window* don't try and hide, snow i know what you're up to 7:25 pm spongebob mac and cheese this should be fun! 10 to 12 minutes later spongebob, you aren't looking too good 8:15 pm dang, where did that snow come from? i'm curious. i wonder how bad it is out there... [outside] it is very cold, windy and snowy out here 9:30 pm *i'm outside in the snow* why am i walking outside in this?! walking in all this snow is a great calf workout though my calves are gonna be amazing *stick figure legs have huge calf muscles* 10:35 pm *i'm on a laptop* now, i poke buttons on a different computer for enjoyment purposes! 11:17 pm my girlfriend totally fell asleep on me 12:05 am i really want to go outside and play in all that snow 1:21 am after i write this email, i'm gonna go play in that snow 2:34 am man. those ice cubes i made were just great playing in the snow was pretty great too *i leap into the air* my day can't get any greater *i land in bed* time for bed And that is what I did on February 1st, 2011, which was Hourly Comic Day!
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