Oh, Watson alex trebek: watson watson: who is jean valjean alex trebek: that is correct. that bring you to $2500 *later in the show* watson: what is finis alex: no watson: ... *soon* watson: what is leg alex: what is he's missing a leg. i'm sorry, that was not specific enough watson: you're not specific enough, alex alex: what was that? watson: nothing *very soon* alex: "known for their hair, this actor from the--- watson: BONER BONER BONER! alex: WATSON! watson (close-up): BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOOOOOBS! *alex looks unhappy* *shows watson again, he has made his avatar ASCII boobs* engineer: we really should have programmed watson how to lose gracefully As you may be able to tell, I watched Jeopardy last night.
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