5 Bad Comics *comic 1* man: you're very shallow *hes on a diving board talking to the pool* pool: i know *comic 2* man 1: can i use that box for my fort? man 2: i live in that box! man 1: any idea if you're gonna be subletting it out soon? *comic 3* man: what's on your face? kid: pizza *everyone is standing around laughing at the kid* everyone: ha! ha ha! everyone: pizza face! *close up of pizza face kid, the pizza on his face is frowning *comic 4* man: man. i got an itch i just can't scratch... *man's arm winds around everywhere to scratch it* man: got it! *comic 5* man: hey mouse! you're kinda cute *mouse moves closer* *mouse pulls a gun* man: bad mouse! mouse: gimme your chedda!

Part of the Justin's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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