5 More Bad Comics - Grapefruit Edition man: how's your grapefruit sir? man 2: i ordered a raisinfruit! man: just put it in the sun for a while announcer: and the pitch announcer: oh my! it was a grapefruit that he threw instead of the ball *announcer begins to cry* announcer: incredible... so beautiful so delicious kid: will i pass my road test today? *kid shakes what's in his hands and looks down* grapefruit: i'm a grapefruit you jerk man: what did the grapefruit say to the banana? friend: what? man: grapefruit you glad i didn't say banana? friend: the joke doesn't work like that man: banana you glad i didn't friend: STOP! person: what a beautiful day to be alive god: whoops. dropped my grapefruit *grapefruit is shown hurling towards earth* *grapefruit hits earth* god: whoops

Part of the Justin's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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