10 Fart Comics 31 I can't stop sneezing! Butt sneezing! 32 Hey your initials spell "F.A.T." Nuh uh!! I have a second middle name, so my initials really spell "F.A.R.T."!! (Owls) 33 The easiest way to tell sharks from whales is by their farts. What're you, some kinda fartologist? (Yes.) 34 Two scoops of vanilla on a waffle cone, please. What're you, some kinda fartologist? (How did she know that) 35 I can't stop hiccuping! Butt hiccuping!! 36 Did you know that bats don't fart? Of course I knew that! (That's not true!!!) 37 Ow!! I hurt my butt! Maybe I can help!! What're you, some kinda proctologist? (I wish) 38 I can't stop farting! Butt farting! 40 (Sad fartologist) (fart) (happy fartologist)

Part of the following series: Drew's Bad Comic Challenge, The Fartologist

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