10 Additional Bad Comics 71 "Durraffe" Giraffe saying "durr durr" to a squirrel 72 Today on mythbusters, we're gonna test the myth that you can't put a microwave in tin foil! You can! Yep. 73 Keanu! Why are you sad??? Cuz I'm a meme. No Keanu, you're not sad because you're a meme, you're a meme because you're sad. SUPERSAD KEANU. 74 "Durtle" Turtle saying dur 75 Today on mythbusters, we're testing the myth of RECURSION. Actually we did that before. Let's roll that clip. It's real. Myth confirmed. 76 Haha what if I photoshop some saturns behind Keanu, like he's in space? Actually, Science says there's only one Saturn. Science is the name of my bulldog. There's only one Saturn. I heard it on mythbusters. 77 Your resume says your last job was "prostitute"?? Oh sorry, that's supposed to say "prostate toot". Oh okay. 78 "Buttdurfly" Butterfly saying dur 79 Science, I'm dogsitting for my friend. Play nice. His name is Intelligent Design. Uh oh, are we gonna have a conflict? Durrr. Oh he's a Durberman Pinscher. 80 Today on mythbusters, we're gonna test the myth that Jamie is a racist! Jamie, you're not racist, right? No wizzle shizzle, dawg. MIF BUSSID!!! Here's the rest!
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