An Open Letter to Ryan North

Dear Ryan North,

When I’m making Anger Soup, nothing gets my rage-cauldron boiling (at 212 degrees FURYnheit) better than plagiarism.  It has been pointed out to me that today’s Dinosaur Comic is centered on a pun that sure does resemble mine from a few days ago.

Are you tryin’ to make me look like a time-travelin’ joke stealer?  I’ve been called a lot of things, time-travelin’ joke stealer included, but one insult in particular makes my three-layer Wrath Cake (baked at 190 degrees INCENSEDius) rise more than any other: time-travelin’ joke stealer.

But the joke’s on you!  I didn’t even come up with that Angryfist pun, my girlfriend did!  I didn’t reverse-time steal that joke from you, I regular-time stole it from her.  Probably while we were on a hot date to a fancy restaurant because I am the best boyfriend.



P.S.  I really like your comic so much.

19 Responses to “An Open Letter to Ryan North”

  1. Neil says:

    Your comics are brilliant nonetheless, but I don't think that you have much of a point.

    In my neutral opinion pacifist is quite a common pun, and other than that the strips aren't that similar otherwise.

    though if you're just joking then I guess I fell…

  2. Sanjay says:

    I don't want to drum up trouble in your relationship where there isn't any, but do you think it is possible that maybe your girlfriend is supplying punchlines to other comic writers behind your back?

  3. Martijn says:

    I understand your concern but I have to agree with Neil.

    And your comics rock. :-) I can't wait for the T-shirts! Any news on what design it's going to be?

  4. Lazken says:

    People have been stealing for thousands of years :p

    as picasso said: the bad artists imitate, the great artists steal.

    You haven't really accomplished anything, until people are stealing from you. If you really believe he used you as an inspiration, take it as a compliment :)

  5. Daniel says:

    He totally stole it from you. Randall is gonna steal it next.

  6. baro says:

    Don't take credit of a pun, man, that's kinda lame. It's the joke around the pun which makes it awesome. And both comics had different jokes around the pun, and both were awesome.

    • Jez says:

      second that.

      let's all just let this slip, it wasn't a very high grade theft.

      and I don't think there are any original puns left.

  7. Becky says:

    A feud! A feud!

    This can only be settled with a comic off!

    Or a pistol duel…. But I guess I would be sad if Drew died (or if Ryan died and there were less delightful dinosaur related cartoons in existence). So I vote comic off.

  8. Other Justin says:

    This made me LOL 4 times!

    First, I LOLed when I read Ryan's comic and noticed the similarity to Drew's.

    Then I read Drew's letter about it and LOLed again.

    Then I realized some people didn't know Drew was kidding, and I LOLed a third time.

    And just now I've read Ryan's response to Drew's letter and almost peed my pants.

    There are two morals of this story:

    1) I laugh too much.

    2) No matter what your orientation is, Drew and Ryan would make a hot couple.

  9. Kate says:

    You people are silly! How could you not tell it was a joke? Thankyou, Other Justin.

    Anything that has the words "FURYnheit" and "INCENSEDius" is pretty suss. Think, dudes!