Images are expensive

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the new look, we know it’s not ideal. Our traffic has really grown recently (a good problem to have!) but it meant that our host suddenly decided to charge us more money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and even if it did, trees don’t grow in Brooklyn.

Justin figured out the best way to reduce bandwidth was to remove all of the images from the site. It took a while to go through all the comics and turn them into text, but you know what else is hard? Paying bills.

We’ll have to leave it like this until we can find some more cash. We have a plan that involves online blackjack. Wish us luck for bucks!


25 Responses to “Images are expensive”

  1. Celayna says:

    but…but…i just got here :(

  2. I just clicked a lot on all these annoying ads. Hopefully that will get you a couple of bucks. Maybe you need to host the site in Zimbabwe.

  3. Rocío Mata says:

    Happy Aprils Fool, right?

  4. @vivpoynter says:

    this HAS to be an April Fool's Joke..!! IT JUST HAS TO!!! D:

  5. Chris Kopcow says:

    yeah nice try guys, but we know your sense of humor.

  6. Chris Kopcow says:

    but if it isn't a joke, best of luck

  7. Esteban says:

    thanks for the aprils fool joke haha

  8. Mikkl says:

    Awesome job, doods. You guys have some of the best April Fools jokes on the internets. Keep up the good work all around.

  9. You better have turned them into text with nothing but your left hands, or the spirit of the site will be forever lost and disappointing.

  10. baaliam says:

    It's the dialog that makes it funny anyway. As long as you type it with only your left hand then it's all good dudes :D

  11. @g33k4Jesus says:

    i approve; they are funnier than the originals! …jk. good luck with your card counting :D

  12. John Meijer says:


    Nothing else too say. Just thought you ought to know: :)

  13. go1988 says:

    looks like braille ^^

  14. go1988 says:

    And you could save money by stop drinkin such ridiculous amounts of energy drinks. Is there something like Anonymous Energholics? Even though it isn't much anonymous in your case…
    Notive how everthyng ending with 'holic' isn't alwas a good thing? Alcoholic, Energholic, Catholic…

    ooh, you've got to do a comic about putting the 'cat' back into 'catholic' =D

  15. Jess says:

    Better be a April Fools', or the ragin' will start.

  16. larry says:

    Nice April Fool's joke. But, why not try making comics out of ASCII characters?

  17. laura says:, dudes

  18. Well it could've been better executed, but then again I could interpret the complete illegibility as part of the joke.
    Also I hope most of the people above me are joking. You guys have a solid April Fools history, and this one is about as believable as "our site is infested with bees" <3

    • aujustin says:

      If the ASCII stuff was too detailed, then we would have huge amounts of html on each page and that would mean more data to send. I hope you understand.

  19. Park501 says:

    ha you know what makes this epic, having just uninstalled you graphics drivers and reinstalling so your computer will start….than freaking out cause all the pics are messed up….

  20. Danica says:

    I didn't get to see them! DANGIT! LHT always has the best April Fools jokes.

  21. Emeeekay says:

    Dammit, I can't believe I missed the April Fools comic this year!