Left-Handed Toons Book: New Low Price!

That’s right!  Starting now, our awesome book is just $6!  Each copy comes signed by both of us with each of our hands.  So that makes one book, 185 pages, four signatures and two little doodles for only $6!  Wow!

This book contains our favorite toons from the first two years of the site, plus some never-before-seen toons!  So if you don’t already have the book, we think that now is the perfect time to pick up a copy!

Left-Handed Toons Store

As a side-note, this blog entry is best read in infomercial voice and out loud.  I just did it and it sounded great.


5 Responses to “Left-Handed Toons Book: New Low Price!”

  1. Ren says:

    You should write infomercial scripts! :-D

  2. […] Toons and Invisible Bread for quite a while, and they’re both hilarious. Plus, LHT just reduced the price of their book to $6, which is an amazing deal. Go pick it up! My copy keeps my toilet very good […]

  3. Adrian P Wilkinson says:

    Can you release as a Kindle eBook?

  4. The dude says:

    Prove that you are Norwegian.