10 More Bad Comics 11 Cop Police: I pulled you over cuz you did a ROLLING stop. Hey! You're also eating cinnamon ROLLS! Hey!! Now you're ROLLING your eyes at me!! 12 Dentist: Okay. Open up wide. Your teeth are toothbrushes??? Yeah and my tongue is dental floss. 13 If pro is the opposite of con... Then I conpose. Would you divorce me? 14 Hey Albert Einstein! You need a haircut!! (Einstein sticks his tongue out) Have you seen that famous photo of me like this? Yessss. 15 Shel Silverstein! Why do you shave your head? I don't explain my head. But I'll explain yours!! Eww! That's not what "explain" means, Shel Silverstein!!!!!! 16 Einstein: So you see, we refer to it as "spacetime"... Eww!! Einstein! Put your tongue away! You're spitting on us!! (Sad Einstein) 17 Hey it's Keith Haring! I like your art! I'm Keith Haring!! I knowwww. 18 Hey! Are you that band "Grizzly Bear"? Um... Sure. (Real bear eats man's head) Yeah, you guys got a sweet sound. 19 Hey are you that band, "Natalie Portman's Shaved Head"? I'm Keith Haring! Get outta the way, Keith Haring. I'm not talking to you. 20 So you see, gravity is a curve in spacetime... Do the thing where you stick your tongue out! Yeah! Do the tongue thing!! (Angry Einstein)

Part of the Drew's Bad Comic Challenge series.

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