LHT Update Schedule


We just wanted to let you all know that we are going to be slightly altering our update schedule.  Starting now, we will be posting new comics on Monday through Thursday.

Have a good weekend everyone!

10 Responses to “LHT Update Schedule”

  1. leujin says:

    How does Fridaynosaur feel about this?

  2. Got beaten to the Fridaynosaur thing… But noooooooooooooo! I love my daily LHT fix. This is the one comic that is consistently funny or at least consistently cute.

  3. :( I was looking forward to whatever you were going to say about 11/11/11 but now my hopes have been crushed TT.TT

    and yes, what about Fridaynosaur?!?

  4. matt lohkamp says:

    so you're saying that you've altered the schedule, and we should pray that you don't alter it further?

    • Justin Boyd says:

      Speaking on Drew's behalf, he needs a little more free time in order to start working on spinnerdisc.com stuff again, which is why we made this minor schedule adjustment. The absolute last thing I would ever want is to have any single one of you stop reading!

    • dimshot says:

      Drew and Justin work pretty hard and deliver some great laughs. Heck I'd love to have Fridays off from work! So we lose one LHT update a week, but there's TWO updates a week on invisiblebread.com so stay positive and keep checking bizarro with high hopes! BTW, you guys rock, and so do your fans.

  5. @DashP says:

    Make it Tuesday through Friday! I refuse to let you do this to Fridaynosaur!

  6. Shofet says:

    Ahhhh I forgot there were no Friday updates so I checked anyway… Fridaynosaur, where are yoouuuu??

  7. Guest says:

    Every week I hope you guys have changed your minds.