Drew Makes a Music Video

The music video I made for Tally Hall‘s “Turn The Lights Off” is out today! In honor of having a new animation to post, I also revamped spinnerdisc. Now it’s much easier for me to update, so expect lots of new content there.



10 Responses to “Drew Makes a Music Video”

  1. @K1rkpad says:

    Spinnerdisc revamp?


  2. matt lohkamp says:

    it's funny how I go through cycles of forgetting and remembering that you're THE drewmo.

    also, nice job outdoing yourself on that animation.

  3. Andy Peak says:

    Wonderful video!

  4. terry says:

    he's seen princess mononoke. congrats?

  5. *record scratch*
    Whoa there, nelly! You did a video for a Tally Hall song?!
    Guh, the levels of overlapping awesomeness just might cause a rift in the fabric of the universe!

  6. Bernard Shaw says:

    I can't find dumb dinosaur anymore…

  7. Ty Peters says:

    Ahh dude that is so radical! The song is pretty good, too!

  8. Tally Hall‘s “Turn The Lights Off” is just awesome

  9. Jake Murray says:

    Pretty stoked to see a spinnerdisc revamp. I'm hoping there are some more tiny plaid ninjas in the future…

    Video is pretty ass kicking too, I really enjoyed that.

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