Just in case you didn’t see

Yup! Β This is seriously the last shipment of these books. Β Once we run out, that’s it! Β So for anyone out there that hasn’t been lucky enough to get their hands on our book, now is your final chance. Β It’s only $5 too! Β Head over to the store page to pick one up.

6 Responses to “Just in case you didn’t see”

  1. Mika Castro says:

    That's too bad. I hope i can have a copy of that book. baby eagle

  2. Ian Riley says:

    Got it! As well as a Fridaynosaur shirt! Soon, the world shall know when it's not Friday!

  3. Does this mean there is a new book on the way, or you all just too lazy to print more? jk

  4. Danimo says:

    I highly recommend the book. I recently got it and a friend who was in town for the weekend couldn't put it down and kept laughing and reading them out loud to me. Awesome!

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