Cheesey Victory

GREAT NEWS! It seems that we have won the war against geometric indecency.  At least in Australia and New Zealand:

via reddit.  This employee notice doesn’t credit internetcomics nor webnetcomics nor all-you-guys-who-shared-that-comic (thank you!) as the impetus for the policy change, but we know.  We know we have their attention.  (Hi, them!)

Just look at the gorgeous coverage on the sandwich on the left, and shun his broken brother on the right, for he was born wrong.  He stands there overlapped, mouth agape but unable to speak.  The time of his kind is over.

Now is the time for the New Procedure.  You can almost picture taking every homogenous bite.  It’s okay now.

Everything will always forever be okay now.

Thank you to everyone who sent this link to me.


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