Sites for you to check out this weekend!

Is it the weekend and you have no idea where to go on these internets?  Well let’s see if I can help you!

  • The awesome EQcomics is back from it’s short book-making hiatus with more comics for everyone!  You may also remember him from that guest comic he did a couple weeks ago.

    That’s just a little taste of what your eyes could be seeing if you head on over to EQcomics.  There are a lot of great comics going on over there, so you really should check them out!
  • Our friend Martey has a sweet website for gifting MP3s to awesome people you know.  If you’ve ever wanted a simple and quick way to gift a song to a friend via email or Facebook, then you should check it out!
  • My other webcomic Invisible Bread has just hit 50 comics, so if you aren’t already reading those, well it would be pretty awesome if you started!

Hopefully that helped you find a thing to do on the internet!  Have a great weekend everyone!


One Response to “Sites for you to check out this weekend!”

  1. Dan Long says:

    Woohoo! Quite kind, good sirs, hm, yes, quite. Cheerio.